Build customer loyalty with content personalization

To make the experience of your users something personal and unique, we made a list of tips that will allow you to focus your strategies on them to retain them and enrich loyalty to your brand. The personalization of your content will be the basis for establishing closer links!

Did you know that getting a new customer costs 5 times more than loyalty to current ones? Yes, as you read! The programs and retention strategies and loyalty have been increasing and positioned to marketing a need for relational actions to create, maintain and improve solid contacts with customers.

Perhaps a few years ago you did not imagine that you could customize the content of your Website or your Online Campaigns and the importance that this optimization would have. Before, the main idea was the bombardment and the massive presence of a brand and its offers at the cost of saturating users trying to leave a mark on their imagination. Well then … No more!

Now, to establish a closer bond with your customers, the tactic is to personalize your content. After this post, your goal will be to provide value to your users based on the stage of the purchase cycle in which each one is.

“To establish a closer bond with your customers, the tactic is to personalize your content.”

As technology has advanced, we find consumers not only more demanding with the product or service, but with the messages they receive. Each of us demands not to feel part of the mass but to be unique. We want personalized content, and we value it positively when deciding on a purchase.

This is why brands and companies such as Nutella Amazon or Coca-Cola have already advanced large lockers and put our names and surnames on their containers or offer us complementary products to a recent purchase.

And the customization goes further! M&S virtual makeover counter is another excellent example of optimized content, allowing customers to upload their photo and try on all makeup products, making it easy to find the right shades for face shape and skin tone.

Then, your challenge will be to design relevant content for each profile and that is why from Making Experience we give you all the tips to manage a content optimization system based on purchase cycles.

Personalization of content, correct information at the right time to the right person

The intelligent content as well as offering the possibility of customized, adapting to the needs of each customer lead and contributes to SEO to incorporate the tools for configuring keywords and labels.

Even more! Surely the performance of your Website and its speed have given you more of a headache while with this optimization it will no longer matter which editor / content manager you use.

The personalization of content you can offer material according to who is in contact with you, it is a first visitor, a recurring visit, a lead or a customer frequent. To communicate more effectively with your visitors and Subscribers.

Your information must vary depending on their interests and the phase of the purchase cycle in which they are. The more they visit your Website, your Campaigns or your social profiles and interact with you, the timelier information they should receive!

Let’s try a hypothetical case: If a person has downloaded any of your content through a Landing Page, on their next visit you can recommend similar content as they will most likely be interested in it.

Also, if you have saved her contact information, you can greet her for a special date like her birthday and reformulate an Email Marketing Campaign by giving her something for that circumstance.

“To communicate more effectively with your visitors and Subscribers, your information must vary depending on their interests and the phase of the purchase cycle in which they are. ”

Do you want another case? Suppose a new user enters your blog to read a post that has interested him. At the end, you offer to download an eBook with more information, after filling in a Form with your data.

The next time that visit enters your blog, a popup could be displayed with a message like this: “Welcome! I hope you enjoyed reading our downloaded eBook. If you liked it, you may be interested in visiting the new section of our Website”.

As you can see, this advanced Relationship Marketing strategy that is applied in real estate companies like allows your business to speak directly to your target audience, gain their loyalty, and easily guide them through the buying cycle until they feel satisfied.

Another important fact, which Making Experience ponders, is the Cookies law. A strategic use will allow that if your visits give consent for your Website to store their basic information, their preferences and habits, certain actions associated with the personalization of the content can be channelled into future entries.

Tips for building customer loyalty with content personalization

As we have seen so far, users and followers who are in love with your brand add immeasurable value to your company, allowing you to grow in the market, achieve greater purchases and retain customers.

Because of how important brand loyalty is, Making Experience gives you a list of tips to focus your strategies on it. Take note!

  1. Create the profile of your ideal client. To do this, answer the following questions: Who am I going to invest for and who will I offer my products or services to? You will be able to identify the characteristics of who really needs you and focus your content based on them.
  2. Set clear goals and pursue well-defined results. If you do not know what you are looking for, you will be bombarding your messages into a dark tunnel from which you can hardly get out. Setting goals in advance will give your strategy a clear focus on the big picture and make a product promotion strategy end up scaling large percentages of support and acceptance.
  3. Build and bet on the “Win ​​to Win” concept (win-win). Your clientele will be recurring as long as they obtain a pleasant, unique and valid experience when acquiring and consuming your service. Try to show him the wide benefits they will get and show your satisfaction in having him, like a double game in which both win.
  4. Work your Database in an intelligent way. For example, divide your customers according to those who have already bought your product and who are still in doubt, or who are in your same city and who will request a shipment to their location.
  5. Thus, it will be much easier for you to personalize your content for each segment, give them what they want and achieve a good reputation since your competition has most likely offered that service, but in a generalized way.
  6. Aim your commercial communication to each particular group. You will save time and money since you can focus your efforts on the most profitable clients and focus your attention on solving their interests and concerns.
  7. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Experience your own service provided and see if you feel satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  8. If you yourself have complaints about the service, clearly you must rethink the management of the online purchase process. Checking the level of compliance will help you solve many doubts and channel your communication.
  9. Commit yourself to the maximum with your clients. And when we tell you the most, it is because we advise you not to fail your client so that your responsibility and commitment do not lose credibility. Do you want an example? You can incorporate a “Live Chat” of consultations or help on your Website to personalize your attention and make sure that your user feels your follow-up and service.
  10. Provides differential incentives for each client. Don’t just limit the concept “Gift” to something material! You can offer super personalized discounts through Email Marketing that will be key for a certain phase of the purchase cycle and your client will know how important he is to your company. A direct leap to loyalty by providing certain benefits making it feel exclusive!

Attract your potential customers to make them feel that your product is worth it. If you understand the needs of your leads, it is time to dedicate yourself to guiding them towards the closing of the sale, showing them the benefits and benefits of your product with exclusive content that attacks the satisfaction of that lack at the root.

Guide your customers during the purchase process. Of course, working with them will take a while, but you will be able to know their degree of compliance and the interaction they have had with your competition to adapt your content based on what you can offer more efficiently.

Given the amount of information that your current leads and clients receive daily, your key will be the flexibility to adapt your content and specify each communication.

There will be those who are more concerned about the economic issue and others about good care, so each one will need a differential treatment. You already have all the tips to build loyalty based on content customization which is being provided by Tajarat properties.

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