What is Real Estate Management and what are its benefits?

Buying and selling property is one of the safest and most stable investments you can consider (even as a means of retirement). However, it is necessary to choose very well to ensure the best capital gain in the market, and this necessarily implies evaluating more than one available real estate project.

But the task does not end there, but, after the purchase, it is time to prepare and manage your investment. This is a chain of small missions that you are probably not willing to take on, a situation where the figure of the real estate manager enters the scene.

What is real estate management?

A real estate manager is a person or company dedicated to providing advisory services for the purchase and sale of properties, the administration of real estate and the mediation between tenants and landlords.

Real estate managers, as a rule, must have very extensive knowledge of the market, the socio-economic context of the country / region and be able to offer a credible analysis of the viability of a business before the investor makes the decision to buy. The foregoing makes property management a very important resource for both buyers and sellers of real estate.

Benefits of hiring a service to manage properties

Whether you are interested in selling a property or if your purpose is to buy one, doing it with a specialist property management company can make the difference between a good investment and an unbeatable one.

These are the most notable benefits that real estate managers have to offer you:

Capturing homes and other types of buildings: they present you with the best investment opportunities so that you can decide based on a broad and realistic panorama.

Complete analysis of the market: you can solve all your doubts with the help of a real estate manager. He will know how to give you compelling reasons to invest in a certain area instead of another, what type of property suits you best, how many rooms to choose, as well as immediately discard projects that do not meet your projections.

They take care of the necessary documentation to complete the purchase / sale: the same applies to rental contracts. You will not have to worry about anything related to deed and collection.

They fulfill marketing management functions: this refers to a specialized advisory service for the commercial strategy of all types of real estate projects, including the development of off and online marketing plans.

In case of sale, they schedule and make appointments to show the house: they are also in charge of taking calls from those interested in a property and negotiating with them.

How to choose a property manager?

Like everything in the business world, it is essential to choose a real estate management services company with a proven track record in the market.

SGI Real Estate Management meets this requirement by gathering more than 19 thousand properties sold in nearly 13 years of operation.

Additionally, the SGI Gestión Inmobiliaria team is made up of executives with experience in all stages of the property purchase / sale process, an advantage that always guarantees investors and owners the best advice, regardless of the type of business (purchase or sale) to close.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced organization to effectively manage your real estate investment, SGI Gestión Inmobiliaria is a high-performance company backed by the experience of thousands of investors over more than a decade. Choose wisely and ensure the best results.

The role of the property manager in the sale of properties

Within real estate investment, it is necessary to know the important role of a property manager and why it can be the best complement for a sale and purchase – and at the best possible price – of any type of property. But how do you find the best property manager in Chile and increase your chances of making a big sale or purchase?

What does a property manager do?

The companies that are in charge of managing properties cover variable aspects of the tunnel of buying or selling a property, with actions that are framed in:

  • They attend visits from clients interested in the property, calls and resolve doubts.
  • They take care of all the paperwork required by law for the sale of real estate.
  • They manage their own network of websites and platforms specialized in the publication of properties for sale. Thus, your offer can be seen by more people.
  • Since the companies dedicated to managing properties have exhaustive knowledge of the market, they reduce the risk of suffering scams and fraud, since all the documents that you must sign go through the company first.

This certainty of security is one of the most convenient aspects of choosing a manager.

The property manager in the sales process

If you are evaluating all the functions that a property manager performs, specify plenty of reasons to go to one. For starters, having a team of professionals who dominate the real estate market makes selling a property in a short time a feasible project.

You can also sell a better price (or buy) if an analyst is in charge of exposing to the interested parties all the advantages that your property has, a characteristic that a private individual will hardly know when it has been executed favourably.

In addition, there are common mistakes to the seller of a property that owners are 100 times more likely to make compared to real estate managers, such as:

  • Impressing too much emotionality on the business, causing buyers to feel pressured or uncomfortable.
  • Setting prices that do not match the market or do not do justice to the amenities offered by the property.
  • Too high a price can make it a mission impossible for the seller, while too low a price can lose a percentage of the profit that could have been obtained with the advice of a manager.
  • Do not contemplate a negotiation margin. This is one of the most important phases before the closing of any sale since if a client is excluded from the negotiation process, they may feel more inclined to reject the offer than if they set a higher price than expected to give them the opportunity to negotiate.
  • Managers have mastered the art of “bouncing” and will cover you perfectly in this regard.

Underestimating the presentation of the property, not only the aesthetics of the place but also the quality or professionalism of the photographs sent to potential buyers. They say that everything enters through the eyes, and a property is no exception; real estate management companies supply this for you.

5 functions of real estate management programs that you surely did not know

The programs property management are valuable tools that make it more competitive agencies that implement them, as they allow to provide the best service to the customer. In this article you will learn 5 functions of these systems, true allies of the real estate business.

The real estate sector has changed significantly in recent years; The Internet and the rise of social networks have defined an increasingly and better-informed customer. Just a smartphone is enough to find out, from anywhere, about the news in this sector.

On the other hand, these means of communication have also impressed on society a need for immediacy that forces real estate companies to be continuously updated if they want to be competitive.

We have used the Internet for almost everything for a couple of decades now; In recent years we have incorporated electronic devices into almost all areas of our daily lives.

It was to be expected that digital tools would also allow to manage, buy, sell and rent real estate quickly, easily and efficiently.

Certainly, the management of real estate requires a broad knowledge of the economic situation, the market in general and the viability of the business offered to the client. Therefore, having an automated system for real estate allows you to be at the forefront and be more competitive.

We are not exaggerating when we talk about the wonders of real estate management programs. It is enough to know some of its functions to realize the advantages of having one of these systems.

Real estate agent uses real estate management programs.

1. Property management

Technological innovations gradually reached the real estate sector; initially, the web portals allowed interested parties to see the photographs of the properties and obtain general information about them; currently, real estate management goes much further.

Thanks to the real estate management programs it is possible to manage an unlimited number of properties, having in a single site the general characteristics of each one, videos, photos and a location map.

As if that weren’t enough, these systems are true document managers since they allow quick access to the property’s private files such as contracts, copies, invoices and bank documents, among others.

Among the functions of the management, there is also the sending of emails with information about the property and, of course, the possibility of publishing on social networks.

2. Real Estate CRM

One of the needs of a real estate agency is to concentrate customer and property information in one place. In the same way, in the day-to-day life of a company in this area, the reporting of contacts with customers can be decisive in making decisions.

All this and more are allowed by a real estate CRM. This feature of real estate management programs optimizes customer relationships, makes it possible to close more contracts and increase business productivity.

If you are considering implementing a management system in your company, imagine the possibility of matching clients with available properties, or being able to assign these clients to certain advisors or properties.

Only now it is not a matter of imagination; with a CRM you can do it.

3. Digital marketing

For a real estate agency to stand out from the competition, it must use all the tools offered by new technologies to its advantage.

Among the most important functions of real estate management systems is the possibility of carrying out some actions related to digital marketing.

For example, these automated tools allow you to automatically publish on Facebook or Twitter, as well as send and share information about the properties that are managed by email and share via WhatsApp.

The key to success in the real estate business, as in any commercial activity, is communication between the company and the clients.

The possibility of communicating in different ways makes this software extremely functional, allowing the company to leave the field of the pc and manage from any device and place on the Internet.

4.Open communication with your real estate agents

The pace of work of a real estate agency requires having a directory of its real estate advisers at any time, in order to assign properties or monitor the activities carried out by them.

Through a real estate management program, it is possible for each agent to have, through separate accounts, a username and password to manage clients, but under the supervision of an administrator. 

5. Customization of the software and the website

There is no agency equal to another; therefore, in addition to the possibility of changing the name, contact details or domain on the website provided by the real estate management program, it is essential to give that website an identity.

Within this function the possibility of using a local Spanish instead of the Latin American standard or creating and modifying zones within a city is very useful. In addition, this function also allows you to connect with social networks. 



Technological advances have determined a new way of managing real estate. At present, the online publication of properties is possible as well as the incorporation of social networks and new media.

The various functions of the real estate management programs optimize the processes of rental, purchase and sale of real estate, allowing more satisfied customers to drive the development of the business until the objectives of the company are achieved.

If you want to boost your business and wonder what type of investment is the most appropriate, park view Lahore can guide you about the convenience of real estate.

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